Life Model

Bennington, Vermont, United States

Bennington College is seeking models for introductory drawing, life drawing and sculpture classes. Models are expected to be able to hold poses from 30 seconds to as long as 30 minutes. While athletic ability is not required, body awareness and the ability to twist, turn, bend and accentuate the 3-dimensional qualities of the figure in poses is required. The work is performed under supervision of the class instructor during class hours and models must be able to work collegially with instructors and must be punctual.  Life models must be comfortable posing clothed or nude.

Life models work on a per diem basis (as-needed throughout the academic term) and require a flexible schedule, including early evenings. Modeling shifts can range from 4 hours to a full day; breaks are provided. Related experience (i.e., modeling, dance, performance) preferred but not required. Candidates must be at least 21 years of age.

The College

Bennington College is a laboratory for innovation in higher education. At Bennington, learning and making—on campus and in the field—are inseparable, and its graduates are noted for their outsized impact on the world’s stage. This campus celebrates the ongoing making of work—shared on walls, in shows and performances, in lectures and readings, and in conversations—and believes that equity, diversity, and inclusivity are vital to a collaborative community. This position captures, contributes to, and reflects the ethos of this creative community.

Bennington College affirms the intersecting identities of all its community members—students, faculty, staff, and alumni—and recognizes their contributions to the vitality of our unique living and learning environment. The College’s approach to pluralism and inclusivity—both as fields of inquiry and practice—is to prioritize flexible thought, and to invite the examination of access, value, and power through its institutional policies and areas of study. We encourage applicants from diverse realms of interest, experience, and accomplishment to apply.

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